"Alex Textile" company is the biggest one in the region. Founded in 2015 the company did its best to seize the local market and got a great interest in foreign markets. The high quality production was immediately estimated by consumers and was awarded the “National Trust” prize. "Alex Textile" is known for its high quality products, fashionable design and competitive prices. The company production consists of two branches, namely socks production and garment manufacturing. The socks manufacturing is the unique one due to its modern technical saturation in the region. The third generation production line of Italian company Lonati stands out for its high technical capabilities one of which is the sock sewing process without stitch from the very beginning till the end. Only high quality raw material is used in production. Both socks production and garment manufacturing are equipped with worldwide known best brand machines and equipments (Japan Pegasus, Juki, Kansai and other known brands) allowing to have merely a high quality production. The company has been functioning not so long as of today but it already has its unique place in the market and is a leader in textile production. The company’s primary target is to clean Armenian market from cheap and low quality products by developing local production as well as introduce Armenian high quality products in foreign markets.

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